About Us

"Integer," a word from Latin origin meaning "whole" which represents exactly what we stand for. Working with us will give you direction in your health and fitness journey by providing you structured guidance with workouts and nutrition. Every coach does that, but we aspire to do more. At Integer Athletics, our dedicated coaches are committed to understanding you holistically, not only to assist you in reaching your fitness aspirations but also to empower you to excel in all facets of life. Our ultimate aspiration is for you to not only conquer your goals but also to evolve into the finest version of yourself.

WHAT WE DO TO Help you


Habit Building

Have you been wanting to read more? Meditate daily? Do more yoga? We got you covered! Our coaches at Integer Athletics will help keep you accountable for your personal habit goals on top of everything else.


Do you ever wonder what you should be eating to reach your goal? Our coaches at Integer Athletics have spent years in the health and fitness industry so they can help you crush your goals with their nutrition knowledge.


Have you ever felt like you weren't getting the results you should be? Our coaches will make sure you're on track and will be able to provide science based expectations and explanations for your results.


How do you know if your workouts are too much or not enough? Our coaches will provide you with a plan that is catered to your equipment and lifestyle to take the guess work out of your training.

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I graduated high school at 125lbs. Feeling very insecure about myself and unhappy with the way my life was going I knew it was up to me to make a change. I told myself I needed to get into the
_Brody,Head Coach
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Big shoutout to Coach Brody! From scrawny to strong, his guidance made all the difference. The nutrition tips were on point, and the workouts pushed me beyond limits I didn’t know I had. I’m not just fit; I’m a powerhouse.
Working with Brody over the last 14 months has been fantastic! He is a wealth of knowledge and provided me with everything I needed to hit my goals, from nutrition and workouts to accountability and motivation. Simply could not ask
_Ryan,Financial Advisor
Brody transformed my game! I was struggling to pack on muscle, and his personalized nutrition plan and killer workouts were a game-changer. In just a few months, I gained solid weight, and my strength skyrocketed. Now I dominate on the