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Welcome to my Website!

I’m Brody Bowers, originally from Hagerstown, Maryland. I spent my formative years in Chambersburg, PA until the age of 24, when I embarked on a new journey by enlisting in the Army as a Special Forces Candidate. My educational background began at Penn State Mont Alto, where I pursued a degree in Information Sciences and Technology after high school. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that my true passion lay elsewhere.

I decided to take a hiatus from academia and delved into the world of manufacturing while I soul-searched for my true calling. It wasn’t much time later that I became a certified personal trainer, igniting a newfound dedication to health and fitness. In 2018, I participated in my inaugural bodybuilding competition in Allentown, PA, and to my pleasant surprise, I achieved significant success.

During this experience, a profound realization struck me – I wanted to share the multitude of benefits I’d gained from embracing health and fitness as integral parts of my life. This led me to expand my career into nutrition coaching, adding another layer to my mission of helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Hitting The Slopes

In my pursuit to diversify my hobbies and cultivate more balance in my life, I discovered a profound passion for snowboarding during the winter of 2022. As any snowboarder will attest, the learning phase of this exhilarating sport can be quite challenging. I vividly remember my first trip, where it took me well over an hour to navigate a blue slope, employing a fair share of what some affectionately term “butt scooting.” Nevertheless, this initial struggle did not deter me in the least; instead, it only fueled my determination to hit the slopes alongside friends at every available opportunity.


Before long, our close-knit group of friends collectively decided that we needed to put our skills to the test on a real mountain. So naturally, we found ourselves at Okemo Ski Resort in Vermont, where we had an absolute blast! The memories we forged on that trip were so unforgettable that we’ve already vowed to turn it into an annual tradition.

Men’s Physique

Shortly after achieving some significant milestones in the gym, I made a life-changing decision, inspired by the unwavering support of my closest friends. I decided to do a Men’s Physique competition, a journey that spanned 12 intense weeks of rigorous preparation, guided by my friend and coach, Clint Cubbedge. The culmination of this dedication and effort brought me to the stage at the Big Cat Classic NPC Bodybuilding competition in Allentown, PA.


During this event, I secured second and third-place finishes, narrowly missing out on a national qualification by just one spot. The experience of competing on that stage ignited something within me, something that feels as though it will endure indefinitely. Participating in that competition instilled in me an overwhelming love and respect for the sport of bodybuilding, to the extent that I now cannot envision pursuing any other career path than one within the dynamic realm of the health and fitness industry.

United States Army

During my younger years, I would play “Army” with my friends in the backyard. Like many, I held the belief that a military career was among the most admirable and exciting pursuits. After all, it involved tanks, airplanes, mortars, and many other fascinating aspects. As I matured, my perspective evolved into a profound appreciation and respect for the incredible sacrifices made by our service members, which truly defined their “coolness.”


This admiration had always lingered within me, but it wasn’t until late 2020 that I resolved to act on it, determined not to regret the missed opportunity for the rest of my life. In December of 2020, I took the solemn oath to embark on the path of a Special Forces Candidate. This journey commenced with rigorous training at Fort Benning, GA, where I earned the distinction of an Army Infantryman upon completion. Subsequently, my fellow candidates and I ventured to Airborne school, earning our coveted jump wings. From there, our path led us to Fort Bragg, NC, where we tackled the Special Forces Preparation Course.


Following our successful completion of SFPC, we had a short break before we converged on Camp Mackall, where, after nearly a year of anticipation, we would undergo Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS). While many of my comrades were fortunate enough to advance toward their Green Beret dreams, my own journey took a bittersweet turn. I managed to persevere through all 21 grueling days of SFAS, only to be redirected to return for a subsequent class. During my second attempt at SFAS I sustained injuries that ultimately brought my Army career to an abrupt halt.

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